Skin Care Products

Professional skin care products by Jan Marini and Rhonda Allison

Professional Products vs. Department Store Brands

There are many different skin care lines on the market. Department store brands are packaged elegantly, have nice scents, textures and even sunscreen capabilities. These qualities are appealing but not necessarily effective. They may look good on the outside but retail lines are produced for the mass population, and are formulated with benign ingredients to accommodate those with the most sensitive skin. This leaves the rest of us frustrated and searching for products that will achieve the results we would like to see for our skin.

A qualified skin care specialist is extensively trained in the physiology of skin and the use of professional products designed to target specific problems and individual skin care requirements. Your aesthetician can design a skin care regimen specifically for you.

Jan Marini & Rhonda Allison

AZ Skin Aesthetics offers professional products by Jan Marini and Rhonda Allison. These two brands offer the most comprehensive skin care solution for our clients. We carry a range of both sets of products for you to purchase. By using these products, you will enhance the treatments we provide in the studio. Set up a complimentary skin analysis with Candace Roseen, Licensed Aesthetician and learn how to have the best skin of your life using Jan Marini and Rhonda Allison products.


Thicker fuller eyelashes by RevitaLashAnother valuable product we carry is RevitaLash. This eyelash conditioner creates thicker, fuller and longer looking eyelashes. Application is once a day, similar to liquid eyeliner. RevitaLash helps your own natural eyelashes to look longer, thicker and fuller within three to ten weeks.

Let us show you the RevitaLash difference, stop in and we can show you how much thicker and fuller your lashes can be. Try it for a few weeks and you’ll be sure to enjoy your beautiful lashes.

Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics

Premium mineral cosmetics by Youngblood Mineral CosmeticsYoungblood Mineral Cosmetics is the premier mineral cosmetics line available. Not all mineral cosmetics are created equal, that is why we have selected to use this particular line of cosmetics for our clients. Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics will not clog your pores which allows your skin to breathe nor will it cause skin irritation. In fact, it’s almost as if you are not wearing makeup at all. The Youngblood lines of mineral makeup are recommended for all ages and all skin types, even those with sensitive skin. Ask us about the proper combination of Youngblood products for your skin.


Clarisonic brushClarisonic® is the latest skin cleansing device from the creators of the Sonicare® toothbrush line. Your skin will be clearer and healthier and the Clarisonic® brush can remove fine lines and wrinkles. The healthy glow of clean skin is just one of the many benefits of using the Clarisonic® brush system. The gentle brush moves back and forth at over 300 times per second. The system also has a sonic micro-massage that clears pores and loosens dirt, makeup and oil. Clarisonic® cleans your skin so effectively that skin care products will be more effective when they are applied. This is because skin that has been cleaned using the Clarisonic® brush is able to absorb skin care products more efficiently. Your skin care products will work more as they should and your makeup will go on more smoothly and evenly.

There are benefit for men too, not just for the ladies. Men can achieve their closest and smoothest shave by using the Clarisonic® brush system. The Clarisonic® brush reduces instances of razor rash or skin irritation and improves the softness and appearance of skin. Ask us about a Clarisonic® demo while you are at our studio.