Healthy Skin Tips

Skin Care: Tips for Healthy Skin

Skin is the largest organ of the body which helps to protect and cool. It is the first thing people zone in on when encountering someone new. Below are some helpful tips to attain clean, healthy looking skin. But first, let’s look at the five different skin types…

Normal Skin is the least problematic skin type and requires the least amount of maintenance.

Dry Skin is prone to aging and is easily irritated.

Oily Skin can be more problematic with larger pores therefore may have a thicker and greasy appearance.

Combination Skin tends to be dry and oily.

Sensitive Skin is often dry and flaky patches may appear. Redness can occur and skin may become itchy

My all time favorite facial wash is the Pumpkin Cleanser by Rhonda Allison. It contains lactic acid which helps speed up the cell turn over without overly drying out the skin. This wash has a satisfying pumpkin aroma which is a popular aphrodisiac to men. For those of you men who have oily skin, Rhonda Allison mud masks will benefit you greatly. Not only will this expel oil from your pores, it will clear impurities out as well. If you tend to be more on the sensitive or dry side, the Rhonda Allison Citrus Wash is a great fit with a fresh scent and an ease of use. This product is gentle and will leave your skin feeling squeaky clean.

6 Tips  to Attain Healthy, Clear Skin

Exfoliate twice a week to clean out pores and get rid of extra build up. The brightening Scrub by Rhonda Allison is cooling while it polishes to make for a softer complexion. Avoid using anything abrasive, scrubs, brushes or washcloths on blemishes. This can actually spread bacteria which will worsen breakouts.

Apply SPF daily that protects using Zinc Oxide. Keep your sun protection by your tooth brush. The chances of forgetting to apply every morning will be less likely. Kill two birds with one stone. Be aware of inexpensive, over the counter sunblocks that are full of harsh chemicals. The Rhonda Allison Protection cream is light and perfect for every day use. Skin Medica SPF 50, Obagi SPF 35 and Tizo SPF 40 are non greasy sunblocks that are ideal if you are spending any amount of time outdoors. These are great for every day use as well. The fastest way to get rid of those little, dark post inflammatory spots (blemishes after they heal but leave a mark) is to wear your sun block daily and reapply.

One of the most important things for your skin is to Keep Hydrated. Pass up that soda machine and go straight for the water. A minimum of two litters a day is crucial to keep skin looking vibrant and tight. It also helps to flush out impurities. On average, our body composition is made up of approximately 55% water. So drink up!

Take a deep breath in through you nose and blow out your mouth…Relax. What helps you take a load off? Is it hiking South Mountain or beating a friend at an intense game of racquet ball? Let’s be honest, these days have a lot of responsibilities and stress which can be taxing. So, take time for yourself daily whether it be reading a good book or taking a walk. When you are at peace not only will your skin thank you but so will the ones around you.

Eat Clean. I am sure you have heard “You are what you eat”. This saying is so true. Everything we put in our bodies comes back out through our skin. A clean diet is best with lots of fruits and veggies. Avoid sugars, chips and sodas. The quality of food put into your body is going to affect the complexion of your skin.

Stop Picking at your skin. Need I say more?

Consistency Is Everything. Find a skin care regimen that works for you and stick with it. You brush your teeth twice a day. Washing your face twice a day is just as important. What is an extra two minutes? A smooth, clear complexion is sexy!

For optimal results, visit an Aesthetician who has been in the industry for several years. The more seasoned your skin care expert the better . Your Aesthetician will lay out a skin care plan that is best for you. Most of all keep it simple and don’t buy products you will never use. Go get your mud on!

Excited to have our Men’s Skin Care Tips in the June Issue of 202 Magazine!