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Meet Our Licensed Aesthetician, Candace Schacherbauer

Candace Schachbauer is a Licensed Medical Aesthetician with over ten years in the beauty industry. After graduating from National Aesthetics Institute of Scottsdale, Candace has acquired conducive theory in an array of skin care procedures ranging from facial message, chemical peels, microdermabrasion, hyperpigmentation reduction, dermaplanning and acne treatments.

In addition, Candace is a certified LED Light Therapist. This advanced technology has been shown to reverse redness, make significant gains in the anti-aging process and heal acne damaged skin.

While working for a top, double board certified plastic surgeon, Candace continues to build a multitude of experience and knowledge through extensive trainings, workshops, and hands on involvement.

“As a life long acne sufferer I understand the trauma of persistent acne. Through advanced skin care treatments I have completely cleared my own acne and I am dedicated to aggressively solving my clients problems. Attain soft, clear skin. Together we will achieve the best skin of your life!”
– Candace Roseen